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The Desert Ship Khan is owned by Parhan Shalibi, a Bedouin from the tribe of Azazma. The Khan has been around for 30 years and has been founded
In front of Golda Park in the Negev, on Route 40 near the Resource Junction, 20 minutes from Beer Sheva. The site is in the center of a hiking area
The site features 3 large, well-kept, authentic and luxurious accommodation tents where events are held in a magical desert atmosphere – social events, traditional Bedouin hospitality, family events (weddings, bar / bat mitzvahs and birthdays)
Kosher lunches in the Bedouin style, Bedouin breakfasts, breakfast dinners, camel tours and more
Accommodation options include tents, bungalows and accommodation

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Staying the night ?

Khan offers a variety of accommodation options: large accommodation tents, bungalows, guest house and camping site


Beduin Tent

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Guest house

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Our Attractions

icons8 camel 64Camel Ride
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A herd of well-trained camels.


Camel Rides

A track on the Bir Asluj hills, riding towards a magical lookout overlooking Golda Park, a footpath to the lookout and back to the farm  The camels are equipped with double saddles and the riding is done in pairs, up to 20 riders in the rotation. Duration about 1 hour
There is the option of short turns inside the Khan

jeep2Safari Rides

Jeep tours where we will dive in the spectacular scenery of the desert for a two or three hour trip

A trip around Ashalim in the area of ​​Crane and Shunra sands along the Besor stream, a stop for explanations in the old Turkish well, climbing the Bir Mashash hills
The hike includes explanations about the sprouting life, the desert, the animals and the vegetation, hoping to see some of our desert animals (foxes, camels, moose, deer, spurs, reptiles, carnivorous birds, power lizards, turtle hares and more …)
In each jeep, 6-8 passengers were seated and a driver on our behalf

inspection2Tracker tours

Tracker tours

In the adjoining sands reserve – McMann Sands During the explorations tour, we will explain how the scouts work, tracing animal and human traces, how to trace traces, we will learn to distinguish between traces and the man behind the traces. The group will experience tracing two of their friends – a special experience
By a professional Bedouin tracker who had undergone military training 

 Duration about 1 hour

Can be combined with astronomical observation

Explained observation and outdoor lecture under the guidance of an experienced astronomer

Night trips

You can take a day or dark tour (equipped with flashlights)
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dance2Groups Attractions

Groups attraction

We invite guests to enjoy a fun day with a host of attractions in and outside Khan
ODT activities at the Khan Square, beginner or professional bike tours
Climbing wall and omega wilderness surfing hiking and more
Lots of workshops: yoga, tai chi, palm reading herbs and more
Our professional team will build you the ideal day that will leave you with a taste of more

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