Desert atmosphere events

 A variety of events and family celebrations that will make every celebration an unforgettable experience: corporate events, weddings, bar / bat mitzvah party, bachelor / bachelorette, birthdays and more
Hospitality team will be happy to accommodate you build and uniquely event you always dreamed

Special Events Productions

Fun days and events for groups – our professional team will build for you the ideal day a fun day and formulates incorporate activities and attractions, a good meal and treats that will leave you wanting more
Birthdays – we will surprise big birthday celebration combining lodging and meal or just a party

Family events

Weddings – Wedding in a little different style  – a special place,  you will get an unforgettable celebration, a celebration that lasts into the night with a bonfire and snacks, as friends get to rest in a tent after the celebration
And the adults can enjoy Our rooms

The next day, be treated to a luxurious breakfast with guests staying overnight.


Bar / Bat Mitzvah – We Khan ship of the desert will provide you the best solution celebration of son / Bat Mitzvah every concept you choose: class, family, etc

can be combined only evening event or day, you can combine lodging, meals, dance or other . A variety of options depending on your choice and budget

Corporate events

A small office or a large corporation, a private company or a governmental institution – Treat your employees an unforgettable experience! Fun days & evening events with or without accommodation, festivals and more

Our hospitality team will be happy to accommodate you build your uniquely event .you always dreamed

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