Camel ride

Trained and groomed

Farm herd of camels trained and groomed

shorter rides?

Of course, there is also the possibility of short rounds in Khan

Camel ride on the hills Bir Asluj, riding towards offering magical views over Park Golda an increase foot observation and return to the farm

The camels are equipped with double saddles and riding is done in pairs, up to 20 riders round

Duration 1hour

Safari Jeep Tours

Roundtrip to ashalim area agur and Besor

The tour includes explanations of the life of the Nabateans, desert, wildlife, hoping to see on the way some of desert animals (foxes, camels, ibex, deer, porcupines, reptiles, birds of prey, lizards power,  etc)

Groups up to 45 people

Up to 7 passengers


About 3 to 4 hours depending on the route and the amount of passengers

Reach Us Out

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Tracker Tour

In the adjoining sands reserve – McMann Sands During the explorations tour, we will explain how the scouts work, tracing animal and human traces, how to trace traces, we will learn to distinguish between traces and the man behind the traces. The group will experience tracing two of their friends – a special experience
By a professional Bedouin tracker who had undergone military training

Duration about 1 hour.

Can be combined with astronomical observation

Explained observation and outdoor lecture under the guidance of an experienced astronomer

Night trips

You can take a day or dark tour (equipped with flashlights)


Traditional Bedouin hospitality

A fascinating explanation of the Bedouin hospitality ceremony, coffee making and crunching ceremony, the hospitality tent including coffee / tea and baklava

A Bedouin stories Teller

Around a bonfire with steaming coffee and sweet Bedouin tea, together with Salam (a member of the Azazma clan), we will share stories and legends about culture, customs, tradition, folklore and more
in a fascinating and humorous unique style
Duration about 1 hour

Hike in Haver Creek

(Near Sde Boker Midrash) – The route begins at the Sprouting Hole Pit – an ancient cistern, from where the trend continues down the sides of the Hvar rocks (hence its name) to the point of meeting Nahal Tsin
Duration of the tour – about two and a half hours

Hospitality Workshops

Authentic Bedouin creative workshops, an artist who will guide you through amazing creative workshops

The Khan Desert ship’s professional team will be happy to build the ideal day for you, all you have to do is set our population type, tax. Participants, estimated budget. Everything else about us
With us you can build a full formulation day, fun days and experience for groups, social events and more

Drum Circle

Especially energetic with African drums and drums
About 30 drums are arranged in a circle on mats, all welcome to sit
And the mess begins, Joy, songs, dancing, and more


Our guests can enjoy sitting in the guest tent with double mattresses with colorful pillows, small tables, dry, salty fruit buffet, light drinks, coals and tea, coiffure, authentic backing music
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